Conversations with Westconnex

Below are summaries of my conversations with Martha Halliday from Community Relations and Mohamad Khalil who is the supervising engineer for construction of the habitat extension.

With Martha, June 28, 2017

Martha called me with the following information:

Site preparation has started. Some trees are not suitable for frog habitat and need to go.

With Martha, July 12, 2017

In response to me noticing that site preparation has stopped and asking about it:

Contamination has been found. Westconnex will remediate. This requires approvals.

With Martha, July 17, 2017

In response to me asking about the nature of the contamination (which I had not thought to ask on the 12th), whether Westconnex is still planning to finish in November and whether Martha is happy to mention her on my site by name:

Community Relations will get back to me with more information on the contamination. Westconnex is still planning to finish in November. Martha is happy for me to mention her by name.

With Martha, July 19, 2017

Martha got back to me:

Contamination is due to the site having been a bus depot. Community Relations does not have more detailed information.

With Mohamad, July 20, 2017

Mohamad called me and told me the following:

Contamination on the habitat site is minor. It is not where the ponds are to be constructed. He also could not tell me which contaminants were found. He confirmed to me that approvals are required before construction can commence.

Site clearing is actually complete. The dead lantana closer to the underpass is outside the scope of the clearing works.

Westconnex has constructed six frog ponds north of the M5 on the Kogarah Golf Course site.

With Mohamad, July 27, 2017

I called Mohamad to ask him why five of the six new frog ponds north of the M5 are dry. Mohamad told me the following:

The frog ponds are still to be lined. The team is still waiting for access to the site. Mohamad will get back to me when the ponds are lined.