Please Help (it doesn't cost a cent)

This page is from the 2016 election campaign. I am leaving it here as a record.

I am running a relatively inexpensive campaign and I don't intend to ask for donations. But you can help me by letting other people in the Barton electorate know about me. Tell them about me or email them the link to my Barton page.

I don't expect to win in my first campaign and I may never win. But if I get a reasonable result and I take a significant number of votes away from the major parties (as opposed to getting votes that would have gone to other minor candidates), then the major parties will take notice. If I win 4%, I will get my deposit back and qualify for election funding. Then I will almost certainly contest more elections.

This is how I have observed the democratic political systems around the world to work: There are usually two major parties or blocks of parties. Those are rarely relegated to become minor parties. That's because the major parties will pick up the mood and change policies long before they are relegated.

I have spoken to hundreds of people, especially when I was gathering the signatures that I needed to nominate. I had been worried that I would be called a racist for advocating a reduction in immigration. But I was only called a racist once, on Facebook, and the person has since apologised. I am very proud of my fellow Australians, native-born and immigrant, for being able to discern the difference between a person like me and the sort of people who are motivated by a dislike of particular races or ethnic groups.

I did meet some rude people. But they were people who simply don't like any politicians or even aspiring politicians. It had nothing to do with anything I stood for.

My closing message is this: It is safe to discuss the issues I am raising and I would encourage you all to discuss them.