Climate Change

This page is from the 2016 election campaign. I am leaving it here as a record.

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that human-induced climate change is real. Therefore, we should take action. I believe in a carbon price. I favour a carbon tax over an emission trading scheme for the following reasons:

The carbon tax that we had under the Gillard government worked quite well. Emissions decreased and the economy did not seem to suffer. It is unfortunate that Julia Gillard had ruled out a carbon tax prior to the 2010 election so that the carbon tax amounted to a broken election promise.

I support renewable targets and I was unhappy about the reduction to the targets by the Abbott government. I believe we should increase the targets after 2020 and by no later than 2050 reach the point where power stations are only turned out on rare occasions during adverse weather conditions.

I understand the need not to make our exporting and import-competing industries uncompetitive. Therefore I support exemptions for those exporting and import-competing industries which are energy intensive. Driving Australian companies in those industries out of business would likely cause the slack to be picked up by countries which have no carbon price.