Immigration Composition

This page is from the 2016 election campaign. I am leaving it here as a record.

Our migrant intake should consist almost entirely of people of skill and achievement and their partners and children. This component would consiste of the following categories:

The remainder would be a small spouse migration program which would be much more restrictive than it is now. The idea is to discourage the practice of travelling overseas with the purpose of bringing back a spouse, while allowing for people who genuinely fall in love overseas. Australians would not be able to sponsor more than one spouse in their lifetime.

People who come to Australia as refugees and are accepted as refugees would by default not become permanent residents and therefore not count as migrants. However, refugees would be able to be accepted as permanent residents by satisfying the same conditions, or possibly slightly more relaxed conditions, as overseas applicants. The rest of the refugees would be required to return to their country of origin, once the danger of persecution has passed.

I support the current policy of not discriminating against prospective migrants on the basis of ethnicity or religion. The only qualification to that is that I would like to keep religious extremists out.