Public and Private Schools

This page is from the 2016 election campaign. I am leaving it here as a record.

The quality of the public school system is patchy. Some public schools are excellent. Others are less than not good. Private schools are not always a viable alternative. Some are too expensive. Others exclude students on the basis of religion.

I am a believer in free, quality and inclusive education. With the system as is, only public schools can provide that. But private schools also have a role to play. And with the right funding formula, private schools could also potentially provide free and inclusive education.

School funding has become rather complex with funding formulae that don't make any sense and with the federal government and the state government working at cross-purposes with one another. But for total government funding I believe the funding formula should be as below.

Any private school that satisfies the following conditions would be funded the same as public schools:

Any school that does not satisfy all of these would lose some percentage. Around 10% to 15% would be reasonable. Then for every dollar of fees charged that is enforceable or over what comparable public schools charge, there would be another 25 cent or so reduction.

In the transition period, funding would not be cut for any student already going to a particular private school. The new formula would only apply to new students entering private schools.