Loss of Playing Fields

The loss of playing fields is quite dramatic. I went to Cooks Cove South and estimated/counted the playing fields. In some cases I had to estimate because the fields were not clearly marked. Presumably they are marked with cones or other portable markers for actual games. I came up with 15 fields. Three fields were definitely small and are presumably for children. I marked those with an "S". Two more could be full size but then there would not be much space between them. They would possibly be used as small fields. I marked those "S?". That still leaves 10 full-sized fields, including Saint George Soccer Stadium. I marked fields with goals already installed with "G" at each end.

According to the NSW government document Cook Cove Indicative Development Proposal - Kogarah Golf Course Relocation, there are four playing fields planned for the site of the current golf course, including one stadium. That would mean that despite higher densities placing more demands on those playing fields, we would have about 11 less playing fields including 6 full-sized ones.

Photo by Google Earth