New Foreshore Trail and Eastern Inland Trail

New Foreshore Trail

This trail is to start from where the road into the park along Spring Street Canal curves away from the canal. It would go along the northern side of the canal to Muddy Creek, then along Muddy Creek to the Cooks River and then along the Cooks River until the Access Road to the RMS M5 facility, then up a little bit and parallel to the access road until just before the RMS M5 facility.

Some parts of this intended trail are currently impassable as they are overgrown with Lantana, Morning Glory and other weeds. So the exact route can only be determined following weed removal, as it is preferable to route the trail around valuable trees rather than removing the trees. Once weeds have been removed, creating the trail may be as simple as keeping it mown.

Eastern Inland Trail

This trail is to come off the New Foreshore Trail near the mouth of Spring Street Canal and rejoin it at the Cooks River. Tree planting along it is critical as the intention is to create an illusion of remoteness as one sees trees in all directions.

Parts of this intended trail have similar weed issues as parts of the New Foreshore Trail. Also, there is a lot of uneven ground to level.

Picture: Uneven and overgrown area

A lot of the area, to the south of the intended trails, currently looks like this: overgrown and uneven.

Picture: New Foreshore Trail crossing and RMS access track

The view is south to north along the intended trail. The intended trail trail would go up onto the higher ground, probably just to the right of the rightmost tree on that higher ground. The fences and gate are redundant, as the RMS facility further along has its own fences and gate. Therefore they should be removed.

Picture: Northern part of the New Foreshore Trail

This is the view from what would be the northern part of the new Foreshore Trail. On the left edge of the picture is the beginning of the RMS M5 facility. The plan assumes that this facility would remain, including the fences around it. However, the fence to the right of the RMS facility, going across the picture, only separates the access track from the park. That fence should be removed.

Picture: An interesting plant

I found this plant, a creeper, in the overgrown part, in between Lantana and Morning Glory, next to the water. I don't know what it is but I would interested to find out.