Bike Path Connection through Car Parking

In the picture below we see a road towards the car parking area. To the left is the proposed bike path, going south. To the right is the proposed bike path, going north.

Going through the car park would be a short cut for riders and pedestrians coming from Spring Street and would also give people parking in the car park easier access to that part of the park.

Unfortunately, that puddle can get quite difficult to get past. It's not too bad in this picture which was taken a few weeks after the last previous heavy rains. But the puddle can get quite a lot bigger. So that dip needs to be filled in a sealed.

Also, we see here an example of unnecessary fences. The fences to the right are evidently unnecessary. There are more fences, blocking access from the car park through the western side. Unnecessary fences are to be removed in our proposal.

Below we see a picture of the passage to the proposed bike path from the end of the car park. Clearly the council assets on the right of the picture would have to be moved. But that would also have to happen with the golf course relocation. The locked gate with the warning sign is of limited usefulness. Anybody can just walk in from the other side.