The Paths and Trails Plan for the Save Barton Park Submission for Cooks Cove

Existing Trail to Remain
New or Improved Trail
Existing Bike Path to Remain
Future Bike Path
New Trees and Other Plants
New Tables and Benches
Proposed Off-leash Area for Dogs
The diagram above is fairly rough and should not be taken to be exact to the nearest meter or pixel

This proposal does not cover the northern precinct. We note that Sydney Regional Environment Plan 33 provides for public open space and paths in the Northern Precinct.

Removal of Fences

There are a number of fences in the southern precinct where both sides of the fences are accessible and will remain accessible with this proposal. Those fences are to be removed.


Landing Lights Wetland to Eve Street South

The path from Landing Lights Wetland to Eve Street South has some sections that become too muddy after rain to use by most walkers. A light treatment of gravel or perhaps pine needles will probably be enough to remedy the situation without compromising the wetlands.

Up from Main Bridge over Spring Street Canal

From the southern side of the bike path bridge over Spring Street Canal there is a short track up to the elevated grassy areas around the old St George Soccer Stadium. As it is sloped, it would probably erode if it were more heavily used. A possible solution may be to set sandstone blocks into the track.

New Foreshore Trail

This trail is to start from where the road into the park along Spring Street Canal curves away from the canal. It would go along the northern side of the canal to Muddy Creek, then along Muddy Creek to the Cooks River and then along the Cooks River until the Access Road to the RMS M5 facility, then up a little bit and parallel to the access road until just before the RMS M5 facility.

Some parts of this intended trail are currently impassable as they are overgrown with Lantana, Morning Glory and other weeds. So the exact route can only be determined following weed removal, as it is preferable to route the trail around valuable trees rather than removing the trees. Once weeds have been removed, creating the trail may be as simple as keeping it mown.

Eastern Inland Trail

This trail is to come off the New Foreshore Trail near the mouth of Spring Street Canal and rejoin it at the Cooks River. Tree planting along it is critical as the intention is to create an illusion of remoteness as one sees trees in all directions.

Parts of this intended trail have similar weed issues as parts of the New Foreshore Trail. Also, there is a lot of uneven ground to level.

Sewer Trail

Between the M5 and the golf course is a concrete-enclosed sewer. There is to be a trail between that sewer and the M5. The trail would start from the bike path underpass under the M5 at the Eve Street wetlands. From there it would go up, more or less along an existing trail until it reaches the junction of the sewer from Marsh Street and the sewer from Eve Street. From the latter sewer there is a metal set of stairs down that leads to the land between the sewer and the M5. There is an existing track which is quite compromised by weeds but which is nevertheless walkable. That leads all the way to the Cooks River foreshore.

The existing track up from the underpass under the M5 is sloped. So it would need some work done on it to support more pedestrian traffic without erosion.

The existing track from the sewer junction to the foreshore is mostly right next to the sewer. The side of the sewer is covered in graffiti. But even if it were bare concrete, that would still not be pleasing. The solution is to place the new trail a meter or two away from the sewer and plant plants along the side of the sewer to obscure the sewer.

Foreshore to Sewer Connection Trail

This trail would connect the New Foreshore Trail with the Sewer Trail and go west of the RMS M5 facility. To create this trail, it would probably be sufficient to simply mow it into the grass.

Future Bike Path

The bike path is not an immediate priority. But we are putting it into the plan as a medium to long term objective. The bike path has three major components and one minor component.

Sewer Path

There is an existing bike path from Marsh Street along the sewer which crosses the sewer and then passes under the M5. From the crossing point, the trail is to continue on the sewer and, after the junction with the sewer from Eve Street but before the pumping station cross over onto the sewer from Eve Street. From there it is to continue until a little bit before the point where the water pipe from the desalination plant goes over the sewer.

A bike path on a concrete sewer is definitely doable. An example is the sewer which crosses the Cooks River next to the Princes Highway. The sewer through Cooks Cove has some minor obstacles like small pipes going over it which may require some ramps over the top. There is also a pumping station. But by moving a small storage structure, enough space can be made to route a bike path past the pumping station.

RMS M5 Access Track

There is an existing vehicle track which leads from east of the car park (currently fenced off on the western side) past the western side of the RMS facility to almost the sewer. Judging by the condition of the track compared with another foreshore access track, it is not used much by vehicles. This track could be turned into a path which would function mostly as a bike path without ruling out occasional access by RMS vehicles (there isn't much RMS vehicle traffic, so there should not be a problem).

The Southern Part

From the RMS access track, the path would go south to join up with the existing bike path. The ground is quite uneven and would require some levelling.

Connection to Car Park

A passage through the car parks to the bike path would be a short cut for people coming from Spring Street. But just to the east of the eastern part of the car park (currently fenced off on the western side), there is a dip which fills with water after rain. That short section is to be filled in and sealed to make it suitable for bicycles and walkers.

Planting of Trees and other Plants

We have identified a number of areas that are to be planted with trees and other plants.

The Western and North-Western Slopes around St George Soccer Stadium

Those slopes are looking rather bare and need a lot of trees.

Around the Eastern Inland Trail

We want to create an illusion of remoteness. To achieve this, trees are to be planted on both sides of the trail.

Around the RMS M5 facility and the Water Pipe

The RMS M5 facility is not exactly beautiful. Some trees are to be planted around it to obscure it from park users. Similarly with the water pipe from the desalination plant.

Along the Sewer

To obscure the Sewer from view, trees and other plants need to be planted along it. In parts, the presence of existing plants will force the trail to be relatively close to the sewer. There, slim-line plants need to be selected.

Along the Back Fences visible from the existing bike path just south of Eve Street north.

The bike path goes between Spring Street Wetland and a triangle of grass bordered by Back Fences. Trees and other plants are to be planted along the back fences to improve the view from the path and the triangle of grass.