Government Preliminary Design (Bad News)

The NSW government has released a "scoping report" to give some indication of what stage 1 of the F6 might look like.

It is quite apparent that the interchange will be on green space and playing fields to the north of President Avenue. I expect that a widened President Avenue would also impact on green space on the southern side. The widening of President Avenue to allow for more traffic would also impact on the residential buildings lining President Avenue. For a preview of what that might look like, visit Euston Road, St Peters.

Fundamentally, the problem is that stage 1, according to the diagram, terminates in the wrong place. The greatest traffic flows are on the Princess Highway.

At Arncliffe, the F6 will connect to the New M5 underground and not have an interchange with the surface network.

The F6 will terminate in the north at the St Peters interchange, along with various other motorways, effectively turning the suburb into a giant traffic hub, to the detriment of the residents. But that is a whole separate topic.