Breaking News: The Sydney Morning Herald had obtained a draft document, apparently inofficially, strongly suggesting that the F6 will go into a tunnel, although according to the Roads Ministry, such a decision has not been made. See links.


The NSW goverment is in the early stages of investigating options for the F6, a motorway that would go through the St George area north to south. Ground conditions are already being tested. And it is in Scarborough Park that those tests are taking place, indicating a route running parallel to and in between Princes Highway and the Botany Bay foreshore.

I have made enquiries with Roads and Maritime Services and the decision on whether the road is to be in a tunnel, on the surface or on a viaduct has not been made.

A surface or viaduct road along the planned corridor would be disastrous and destroy or compromise an enormous amount of important parklands. That's why I have decided to campaign for the F6 to be put into a tunnel.

Two important aspects need to be covered here: