The Beauty of the Corridor - the Music Videos

The cellist Laceface, whose music I highly recommend, has made two music videos in the F6 corridor, Cooks Cove South to be more precise, which can be watched on YouTube. The photo above shows her in Cooks Cove South.

These videos show another side to the corridor - its cultural significance.

Links to Laceface's music videos in the corridor are below.

Stitch A beautiful song. I strongly recommend watching it. I lost track of the number of times I watched it.
Swamp Stomp A quirky piece of music. By pure coincidence, I walked by as the music video was made and I watched one take of one scene. That's how I found out about the artist.


Laceface has one song which is so brilliant that I can't resist mentioning it even though the video has no footage of the corridor. It is Principles of Cosmicism and the Concept of Nothing.