What we Need to Do

Firstly, whatever we do, we need to start now. The decision on whether to put the F6 into the tunnel has not yet been made. When the decision has been made, it will be harder to change.

We obviously need to write to our state members of parliament and let them know our opinion.

But we need to also write to our federal members. Sure, it's a state issue, but federal governments frequently contribute to state infrastructure projects. We need to seek assurances from our federal members that they will oppose federal funding for the F6 unless it goes underground. It is fortunate that Scott Morrison, the federal treasurer, happens to be the member for Cook which includes the southern part of the St George area. I encourage people who are on the electoral roll for Cook to write to Scott Morrison. I have already written to Steve Kamper, Linda Burney and Duncan Gay.

I believe it is critical that we keep the message both simple and constructive. So for this campaign, I strongly recommend not to oppose the F6 altogether. We should not put our governments into a position where they need to choose between St George residents and Sutherland Shire drivers. Instead we need to ask for something that our governments can accomodate. And we want our message to resonate with the average person and not just with environmentalists. We want the owners of respectable businesses to be comfortable displaying our posters in their windows.