About myself

I have no direct personal interest in the issue. I am as straight as an arrow and agnostic. My wife and I got married in in 1994 in the Royal Botanical Gardens by a civil celebrant. We have four children.

I am strong believer in marriage as an institution. I do not believe that my marriage will be compromised if same-sex couples and genderless people are also allowed to get married.

I have been involved in politics in a minor way for years. Before 2016, this amounted essentially to writing letters to newspapers and to members of parliament. But in 2016 I decided to step up my involvement. I contested the federal electorate of Barton as an independent. I achieved 2.55% which wasn't as much as I had hoped for but enough to avoid embarassment. Prior to the election campaign I had no idea that I was cycling past the Arncliffe GGBF habitat all the time. But during the campaign, a campaigner for the GGBF showed me the site.

I am a computer programmer. I also program in my own time. You can find some of my software and more campaign material at http://rasmustorkel.id.au.