Overview of New M5 Air Quality Issues

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Approval has been given for the new M5 to be built with three unfiltered smokestacks. The locations are as follows:

According to the Environmental Impact Statement, section 10.8.2, table 10.23, the height of the stacks will be 30 meters for Kingsgrove, 35 meters for Arncliffe and 20 meters for St Peters.

A committee, called the New M5 Air Quality Community Consultation Committee, has been established to deal with air quality issues (I am a member). The first meeting was on September 19. The next one will be on October 17 (postponed from October 10). Air quality will be monitored and the first major task of the committee will be recommend locations for the air quality monitoring stations.

There was an air quality expert at the September 19 meeting who gave a whole lot on information and explanation. This is some of what he said: