Air Quality Monitoring for the New M5

There will be eight air quality monitoring stations, two for each smokestack, one for the St Peters interchange and one more in another locations for comparison. See Approval Conditions, Section E10. Monitoring will take place for one year before the new M5 opens and for two years after. In other words, from early 2019 to early 2022. Obviously, the locations of the two monitoring stations for each smokestack are critical because we need them where exposure to emissions is highest and where they will show if the air quality is worse than what was modelled. The committee has input in the locations of the monitoring stations.

Below is a picture of an air quality monitoring station to give you an idea of the visual impact. It is from the September 19 presentation and Sydney Motorway Corporation has given me permission to use it.

The air quality expert said a few things about the air quality modelling stations:

Although I don't recall the air quality expert saying it, the presentation document in my possession states that Nitrogen Oxides, Hydrocarbons and Ozone will also be measured