St Peters

Below is a picture of the St Peters tunnel, smokestack and interchange situation. To avoid issues with WestConnex copyright, I drew it with Microsoft Paint onto a Google Maps screenshot. For the original WestConnex map, go to

It turns out that there are actually two smokestacks planned for St Peters. But the one that is closer to Sydney Park is obviously for the M4-M5 Link and therefore out of scope for the New M5 AQCCC.

St Peters is interesting, especially as their New M5 smokestack will be only 20m high. Presumably this is because the land there is relatively flat, although high rise buildings are coming to that area also.

All the monitoring station locations which the project proposed for St Peters Stack were outside the area of greatest increase in pollution.

My impression is that St Peters is not very well represented at the AQCCC meetings. There is only one resident representative there from St Peters and there are supposed to be three each from St Peters, Arncliffe and Kingsgrove. I am actually nominally an Arncliffe representative, something that I overlooked in the original invitation and only discovered when re-reading the original email after the October 17 meeting.

Container Terminal

I suggested at the October 17 meeting that one monitoring station be placed into the container terminal (on the western side of Canal Road). At the meeting, some difficulties with that location because it is privately leased and intensively used.

Near KFC on the Princes Highway

After the October 17 meeting, I studied the maps carefully and came to the conclusion that there probably should be one at the Princes Highway. There is a spot next to the KFC outlet which appears to be suitable. I proposed that spot to the AQCCC organisers on October 22.