Westconnex Habitat, Progress in Pictures

June 24, 2017

You can see here that site preparation on the habitat had not started yet. This is a year after site preparation for the new M5 had started in Arncliffe and the Green and Golden Bell Frogs have been impacted.

June 29

Below is a photo I took on June 29 to show that site preparation has started.

You will notice that some trees that were there on June 24 are now gone. Community Relations told me on June 28 that there were trees on the site which were not suitable for GGBF habitat and needed to go.

October 15

Clearly, work has recommenced. The material under the white tarpaulins in asbestos. I am guessing that WestConnex has arranged the equipment for visual effect. I was suitably impressed, so instead of taking a photo through a hole in the mesh, I stepped back a bit to fit everything into the photo.

October 21

The three holes for the ponds are there, although the two holes further back are a bit harder to see because of the shallow camera angle. At that time, I actually believed that WestConnex was going to finish the ponds by the end of November.

December 3

The ponds have got some lining in them now.

December 9

December 17

We can see now the water tank which is to be used for "water aging" which allows chlorine to evaporate from the mains water. See section 2.4.5 of the Eco Logical Australia 2017. Habitat Creation and Captive Breeding Plan - Green and Golden Bell Frog at Arncliffe. Prepared for WCX M5 AT Pty Ltd.